Why We Give Back: Supporting and Inspiring San Diego During COVID-19

At the GHT Companies, our dedication to bringing superior products to market in partnership with outstanding pioneers, innovators, and collaborators has taught us two very important lessons. The first, an obvious scientific fact but often-forgotten detail in our modern world: optimum nutrition is essential for a healthy, happy, and productive life. The second is that relationships—whether in business, in our families, or our larger communities—are the foundation of our reality. When unprecedented times impose hardships on individuals and their families, it often falls to communities to call existing relationships into play, inspire each other, and innovate together to improve the outlook for everyone.

Food Insecurity in Our Community

It’s no secret that the current pandemic has upended our community in many far-reaching ways. One of the most distressing effects has been the rise of food insecurity. The US Department of Agriculture reports that food insecurity has doubled among American families in the months since the pandemic. It’s a scary reality during a time when families need more nutritious options at their fingertips to maintain good health and strong immune systems, not less. 

In our home community of San Diego, CA, we know that 1 in 8 people lack reliable access to a sufficient amount of nutritious food, and a disproportionate percentage of those experiencing food insecurity are children. An alarming 17% of San Diegan children don’t know where their next meal will come from.

GHT’s Partnership with Feeding San Diego

As a manufacturer of nutritious supplements, The GHT Companies are acutely aware of the impact good nutrition—or the lack thereof—can have on families. The problem of rising food insecurity in our community is an issue we feel particularly equipped to address. Because of this, we quickly arranged a partnership with Feeding San Diego, a local nonprofit and Feeding America member. Their mission is to connect every person facing hunger with nutritious meals by maximizing food rescue. Feeding San Diego provides over 26 million meals to our community every year by rescuing high-quality food that would otherwise be wasted from over 750 San Diego County locations, California farms, and packing sheds.

Since May, we’ve offered a 25% discount on 13 of the best immunity-boosting products from our Vegan Life and Vibrant Nutraceuticals lines. The products include several formations of vegan vitamin D3, which a growing body of evidence suggests may boost the immune system and predict better COVID-19 outcomes. In turn, $1 from every purchase of these designated products is donated to Feeding San Diego. Purchases from our private-label partners and manufacturers contribute toward this cause as well. $10 from every kilo of raw vitamin D3 powder sold and $250 from every kilo of raw D3 oil are allocated toward feeding hungry families. 

So far, our cumulative contribution to Feeding San Diego exceeds $25,000 and continues to climb. That’s over 100,000 meals that we’ve been able to contribute to those in need. Many of our customers and partners are proud that their purchases also carry meaningful contributions to a worthy cause, but for one of our partners, our donation was just the beginning; they were inspired to do more.

GHT Inspires Nature’s Liquids 

Nature’s Liquids, a veteran-owned company headquartered just north of San Diego in Carlsbad, CA, also understands the importance of giving back to their community during a time when many are struggling. Owners Matt and Tonia Paddock have the same dedication to high-quality products that The GHT Companies does, and we are proud to have them as one of our private-label partners for over 13 years. 

Their SeaAloe and Superfruits GI products offer energizing and rejuvenating benefits derived from natural superfood sources, offering life-changing benefits to their customers. Their dedication to health and wellness doesn’t stop there, however. Like The GHT Companies, Nature’s Liquids also feels uniquely invested in the wellness of their community. When they heard that we were making contributions for every purchase, they were inspired to take things one step further and make their own significant contribution to Feeding San Diego. 

We’re proud to be a part of such a generous community of partners and customers who believe that giving back has a more powerful, contagious effect than any virus. There is great power when we are able to innovate together for the health and well-being of all. 

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