Vibrant Nutraceuticals Launches Clear Gum™: A Chewable Histamine Blocker

clear gumSan Diego, CA (March 2022) — Vibrant Nutraceuticals, part of The GHT Companies’ family of brands, has just released their newest product: Clear Gum™, a fast-acting, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and family-friendly histamine blocker to provide as-needed allergy relief; it is available in three flavors: Mint, Green Apple, and Cinnamon


Clear Gum features the same active raw ingredient found in Vibrant Nutraceuticals’ Clear™ chewable tablets. The active ingredient, quail egg powder, has global recognition and developed rave reviews due to its scientifically-proven natural histamine-fighting properties. Vibrant’s founding scientist partner developed this product based on decades of historical research in the area of studying the benefits of quail eggs and worked to ensure that Clear’s active ingredients are the best naturally-sourced support on the market for addressing allergy symptoms. 


“After receiving such positive feedback on the Clear chewable tablets, we started thinking about new, exciting ways for people to experience the discovery while also delivering the same caliber of allergy relief,” said Jim Rex, President of The GHT Companies. “Clear Gum was an obvious choice – it’s enjoyable for kids and adults alike, flavorful, ready to take as needed, and it delivers all of the same benefits as the tablets.”


Vibrant Nutraceuticals’ parent company, The GHT Companies, is the exclusive source in the U.S. for this unique quail egg blend, making this product a shining example of how the brand works with founding scientist partners to introduce leading products to the market.


“When you purchase a product from Vibrant Nutraceuticals, you can know with confidence that it has been vetted with the utmost caution by our science team,” says Rex. “Optimal health and well-being for our consumers and our community is at the forefront of every decision we make, because we believe you deserve only the best.”


Vibrant Nutraceuticals recommends chewing one to two pieces of Clear Gum as needed; one dose generally lasts 2 hours.



About Vibrant Nutraceuticals

Vibrant Nutraceuticals is the trusted source for nutraceutical innovation, formulating some of the most cutting-edge wellness solutions available. Our unique line of supplements is both inclusive and affordable, working in conjunction with physician guidelines to meet your health needs – no matter your age, life stage, or walk of life.


Our products are formulated from only the safest, highest-quality ingredients with the strictest standards. Our founding scientists, internal science team, and in-house manufacturing team work tirelessly to ensure that our products are as effective as they are convenient.

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