Transforming raw ingredients into inspiration for your creations.

Imagine having a consistent supply of cutting-edge, high quality ingredients from which to create new products. You need an experienced partner with the resources to deliver safe, effective raw ingredients, ahead of market saturation. At GHT, we work with founding scientists to be first to market with new discoveries, and our ingredients have undergone comprehensive testing and adhere to the highest standards of safety and compliance. Our entire business infrastructure differentiates us from any standard supplier in the industry.

We enable you to create exciting new products by providing:

  • Consistent access to unique raw ingredients.
  • In-house quality control and fully vetted products.
  • Proactive communication about the latest discoveries.
  • An in-house science team for continual guidance and support.
  • Safe components that maintain brand reputation.

The right ingredients give you a competitive advantage. Our team understands the importance of supplying manufacturers with the most exciting components to hit the market, ensuring that innovative products are delivered to consumers. 

The GHT Family of Companies

Translating scientific discovery into business enterprise

A diverse selection of vitamins and supplements for people of all ages

A complete line of plant-based nutritional products for vegans and non-vegans alike

An exclusive array of digestive supplements

Private label lines and contract manufacturing for the nutritional supplement industry


“Working with Jim Rex is always a pleasure. His response time is the fastest in the business and I feel his product pricing is extremely competitive.”

— Evan Pickens
President, EP&A, LLC

“The GHT Companies is product-focused, driven by a win-win philosophy, and a true pleasure to collaborate with.”

— Dr. Ravi Prasad
President, Helios-NRG, LLC

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