Vibrant Nutraceuticals Launches Plumisol, a New Liver Support Supplement

PlumisolSan Diego, CA (July 2021) — Vibrant Nutraceuticals, part of The GHT Companies’ family of brands, has just released their newest product, Plumisol, an all-natural supplement that may promote liver health, support metabolic wellness, promote hepatoprotective properties, and provide antioxidant protection.


Plumisol’s primary active ingredient is an extract derived from an exotic tree found in East and Southeast Asia called prunus mume. This tree produces a fruit commonly called the “Japanese apricot” or “Chinese plum,” from which the extract is collected. Researchers have found in the last few decades that the fruit contains liver-protecting, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory benefits.


“I’m proud of what our industry-leading science team has approved for the consumer markets here,” said Jim Rex, President of The GHT Companies. “With their unmatched expertise on safe and effective raw ingredients, combined with our team’s regulatory and quality control systems, we are excited to get Plumisol into the hands of people who need an all-natural liver support supplement.”


Stragen Pharma SA conducted a 3-month study to determine whether or not prunus mume extract provides substantial liver support benefits. During this study, researchers found that individuals who received a dose of prunus mume saw significant improvements to their liver enzymes and liver lipid profiles compared to those who received the placebo.


Plumisol is a prime example of how Vibrant Nutraceuticals’ parent company, The GHT Companies, work with founding scientist partners to deliver leading products to the market.


“Our science team here at The GHT Companies works tirelessly to stay on the cutting edge of supplement innovation, all for the optimal health of our consumers and our community,” says Rex. “We don’t just throw products together with empty claims — our ingredients are selected and vetted with the utmost caution because we believe our customers deserve only the best products on the market.”


Vibrant Nutraceuticals recommends taking 1 Plumisol tablet per day, preferably in the morning with breakfast, for at least 3 months.



About Vibrant Nutraceuticals

Vibrant Nutraceuticals is the trusted source for nutraceutical innovation, formulating some of the most cutting-edge wellness solutions available. Our unique line of supplements is both inclusive and affordable, working in conjunction with physician guidelines to meet your health needs – no matter your age, life stage, or walk of life.


Our products are formulated from only the safest, highest-quality ingredients with the strictest standards. Our founding scientists, internal science team, and in-house manufacturing team work tirelessly to ensure that our products are as effective as they are convenient.

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