Synergy Realized: The GHT Companies and Marine Life Sciences Announce Joint Venture to Promote Unique Product Offering

The GHT Companies (GHT) and Marine Life Sciences (MLS) announced this week that the two companies are forming a joint venture to the benefit of both, as well as their customers. By joining forces, the inherent strength of GHT’s business model and market expertise will combine with the unique product that MLS features: Marine Phytoplankton (MP) from the Strait of Georgia between Vancouver Island and the British Columbia mainland.

Headquartered in a suburb of San Diego, GHT is currently a leading force in nutritional products for commercial markets. The company’s divisions span the entire nutritional and food-additive industries, with products in the vegan, vitamin, digestive, enzymes and overall health markets as well as a manufacturing capability for private label products. Originally founded in 1997, GHT has continued to grow and expand its focus on providing healthy solutions to the burgeoning market.

MLS, based in Salt Lake City, meanwhile has access to one of the world’s truly unique products for the promotion of human health and well-being. Marine Phytoplankton from the Strait of Georgia has properties unlike anywhere else on Earth. Affectionately known as the “cauldron of life”, the location off Vancouver Island where the MP is collected is distinguished by its ideal geography where deep sea currents carrying rich sea antioxidants and minerals and freshwater full of terrestrial derived micronutrients collide to form a naturally nutrient-rich environment. A patented process is used to replicate nature’s nutrient harvest known as the spring bloom. The care and attention MLS puts into this effort is evident by meticulous oversight of the growing and harvesting processes. Prior to the start of the patented growing process, the source material receives clearance by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, one of the world’s most respected ecological bodies. This process produces unique raw ingredient blends that are currently incorporated into a product proudly known as UMAC-Core which has been helping individuals obtain optimal levels of health since 2005.

The joint venture has come about in order to combine the market influence that GHT offers as an industry leader with the unique health benefits of Marine Phytoplankton raw ingredients, as well as the UMAC-Core Branded Line of Products produced by MLS. Needless to say, both companies are ecstatic about the opportunity to work together.

“We’re really excited to be joining forces with MLS”, said Jim Rex, CEO of The GHT Companies. “The unique Marine Phytoplankton output from MLS has special qualities our discriminating customers are sure to appreciate. We look forward to helping more people benefit health-wise from micro-nutrients as gaining energy for their days naturally. By utilizing our powerful distribution network and ability to manufacture while adhering to the strictest specifications, we firmly believe that the MLS Marine Phytoplankton ingredient blends and UMAC-Core Product Line can truly become market leaders in the industry.”

“This is a win-win for everyone”, said Greg Popp, President of Marine Life Sciences. “We are able to leverage the reputation and influence that GHT has in the marketplace, which, in turn, will give more people the opportunity to access the energy and health properties of one of the world’s superfoods. I think GHT’s distribution skills will help us get UMAC-Core Branded Products onto more shelves and communicate its benefits to our audience of consumers looking to improve their overall health and energy level. With their expertise in formulation and manufacturing, GHT will allow greater exposure to natures primary producers of nutrients to all facets of the global nutritional markets”. We are excited to experience the healthy opportunities this joint venture will bring to those needing what only nature can provide.

About The GHT Companies

The GHT Companies has been one of the most trusted names in the nutritional supplement field since 1997. The group is structured to collaborate with Founding Scientists to develop their unique ingredient/product discoveries and to deliver industry-leading, high quality consumer products, as well as select and qualified ingredient blends, on a global basis. GHT’s core purpose is: “Translating Scientific Discovery into Business Enterprise.”

About Marine Life Sciences

Marine Life Sciences is located in Salt Lake City, Utah and offers mineral and nutrient supplement products that feature marine phytoplankton from the Strait of Georgia in British Columbia, Canada. The company serves clients in the United States, Canada, Europe and China. The company continues to pursue all avenues of providing the unique benefits of marine phytoplankton to all living creatures.

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