Advantages of Adding Private Label Products to Your Branded Line

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When it’s time to expand your supplement line, there are many factors to consider; foremost among them is how to develop a new supplement formulation. Even with a capable team at the helm, the research and discovery process can be a lengthy and costly one. On the other hand, choosing products from a stable of proven, quality-controlled, market-tested products can be a much more efficient solution for brands looking to expand quickly with minimal research and development investment. When created with a reputable manufacturer, there are three main benefits to adding private label products to your branded line: it allows you to diversify your offerings, adapt to the current market, and control your brand’s profitability. 


Adapt Quickly to Customer Demands

As health concerns shift and new research and technology emerge, some brands may find it daunting to keep up with the latest trends, much less incorporate them into their product lines. Private label partnerships through GHT allow you to add cutting-edge formulations to your arsenal without the lengthy development process, delighting your customers with the leading-edge products they’ve been searching for. Leveraging our library of well-researched and extensively-tested products allows your brand to turn on a dime to adjust your line to market demand, putting innovation and the latest technology at your fingertips whenever you need it.


Maintain Control Over Profitability

When all of the right products are at your fingertips, you control your profitability. Since our products have already been through a rigorous research and quality control process, the cost for the products you want to produce and incorporate into your line is much more manageable than if you decided to start from scratch at the research and development phase. Eliminate costly and unpredictable R&D budgets with GHT’s private label products. All you need to do is decide what products to use, how to package and market them to fit your brand, and the price point that fits your market and your goals. 


Capitalize on Quality

At GHT, we hold ourselves to a more rigorous standard than most manufacturers. We are a certified organic production facility. We adhere to FDA standards, and our products also comply with regulations set forth by Health Canada, one of the toughest regulatory authorities in the world. Not only does this extensive adherence to multiple compliance guidelines make your brand marketable across North America; it also protects your reputation as a quality company whose products are safe, effective, and trustworthy. Additionally, you can be sure that GHT is constantly working to improve our products as new research and science emerge. As we continue to improve our products, you can continue to provide innovative formulations to your customers, guaranteeing that you’ll always be at the forefront of the latest nutraceutical developments.

Sharing the responsibility of expanding your product line with GHT’s lab-tested and vetted formulations gives you the freedom to spend your budget wisely, expand your brand responsibly, and serve your customers proactively. When your brand pairs with a manufacturer like GHT, you eliminate the stress that can result from trying to grow your line, making the process simple, transparent, and enjoyable.

Are you ready to partner with the science and research teams that have created some of the most high-quality, reliable, and innovative supplement products on the market? 

Contact us today to begin your private labeling journey.

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