Naturally Reinforce Your Immune System

High-quality vegan supplements to support your good health.

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Our Most Popular Immunity Boosters

Derived naturally from organic plant sources and engineered to the highest standards, our vegan immunity boosters help you maintain and reinforce good health.

Naturally Enhance
Immune Response

Immune Support | Bone Health

These small, easy-to-swallow vegan tablets pack a powerful punch of plant-derived D3, boosting your body’s first line of defense against disease. Also available in gummies, chewables, and oral spray.

Protect and Regenerate Essential Cells

Immune Support | Antioxidant

Our super-dose of plant-derived pure vitamin C encourages the development of new immune system cells while protecting against free radicals that may cause cancer and heart disease.

Strengthen Heart, Bones,
& Immunity

Immune Support | Bone Health

This fast-absorbing, super combo of nutrients supports more than just a healthy immune response. Taken together, vitamins D3 and K2 support proper absorption of calcium for healthy bones and arteries.

We’re committed to the nutrition and wellbeing of our customers and our community.

When you purchase one of our best-selling immune boosters, you’re not just investing in your health; you’re helping feed our neighbors in need.

A portion of all Vegan Life immune booster purchases will be donated to Feeding San Diego, an organization that provides more than 26 million meals every year to children, families, seniors, college students, military families, veterans, people facing homelessness, and other underserved populations.

We've already contributed more than $25,000 to fight hunger through Feeding San Diego.

Here’s what people are saying

“I liked the soft, but slightly firm texture and the green apple flavor, and I liked that it contained none of the usual allergens (as fish, dairy, egg, nut, or gluten).”

— Beverly G.

“I cannot believe how my body responded. In just a matter of weeks I really noticed the difference. I was my old self again.”

— Patricia

“I love these vitamins! They taste so fresh and delicious, yet not sugary so I don’t feel guilty eating them. Awesome!”

— Aleta E.

Harness the power of clean, high-quality supplements.

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